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Explore your dreams with greater wisdom and discernment. The Illustrated Dictionary of Dream Symbols by Joe Ibojie will help you interpret the symbols, meaning and significance of your dreams. Based on experience and Biblical knowledge, this book will open a new world of communication between you and the Lord.

A free online dedicated to helping people understand the meaning of their dreams.

Images and symbols are part of our world language and The Dream Bible provides a comprehensive illustrated guide to them, showing readers how to recognize and understand their messages. They hold an insightful and simple wisdom that comes to us uninvited every day of our lives. Using this handbook to interpret these symbols will help readers to discover the depths of their inner wisdom and facilitate their spiritual, emotional and intuitive growth.

Symbols inform not only about the past, but also have the potential to direct us towards future growth and development. Covering universal and culturally bound symbols, this reference enables users to work with these symbols to connect them to their intuitive awareness.

Unlike other dream interpretation websites or books we extensively research dream symbols by interviewing people about the events occurring in their lives at the time of their dreams.

The result of years of research, this easy-to-use guide tells how to distinguish the four types of dreams, identify dream symbols, and understand meanings.

The average person will dream over 150,000 dreams in a lifetime–each one a complex web of imagery and deeper meaning. The Complete Dream Book uses the interpretation of 28,000 actual dreams from contemporary dreamers, just like you, to help you access the substance and meaning of your own dreams.


  • Who’s who in your dreams
  • Which dreams recur during certain life stages
  • The true meaning behind your nightmares
  • Why you have certain dreams again and again
  • How to tell if a dream is worth interpreting–and if you’ve done it correctly
  • The phenomenon of precognitive dreams

The Complete Dream Book is the only dream interpretation book based on concrete data about real people’s dreams and how the real events in their lives relate to their nighttime visions.

Internet dreamsites, new categories, and new links, the bestselling Dream Dictionary is bigger and better than ever before.

But more than that, it helps you keep to your life plan, showing you some of the choices you’ve made as being unwise and some as going in the right direction.

The Answer To All Your Dreams